Chicagoland Professional Chef Services

Chef Kevin loves great food. Arriving at his passion for food a little later in life than some chefs, he is none the less dedicated to cooking for others and to helping people eat fresh and healthy foods that taste great.

Chef Kevin Kane Personal and Professional Chef Services in Chicago offers daily, weekly, and specialty meal plans; shopping, pantry, fridge and freezer stocking; demonstration cooking, private dining and catering services. In addition, Chef Kevin is dedicated to helping his clients with their special dietary requirements and as a certified personal trainer he offers exercise tips and coaching as part of his overall approach to good health.

As one of the premier professional and personal chef’s in Chicago, and a graduate of the prestigious Culinary School at Kendall College, Chef Kevin fuses his knowledge of food and fitness and brings his expertise to each client as their needs dictate.

Personal & Professional Chef Services
  • Daily, Weekly & Specialty Meals
  • Weekly and Monthly Shopping
  • Pantry, Fridge & Freezer Stocking
  • Private Dining
  • On-site Catering
  • Demonstration Cooking Parties
  • Kids Parties & Education
  • Food & Fitness Coaching